SaMMF Workshop: Discrimination in Labor Markets

June 26, 2020

Richmond Fed Summary of Presented Research

Given the intense current public interest in the topic of discrimination, we invite you to a workshop, co-organized with Hanming Fang, exploring what we can learn about it from cutting-edge economic theory and empirical work. Our emphasis will be on insights from search-and-matching, networks, and learning, but we welcome researchers from all fields to participate in an active discussion.

The workshop consists of five talks. Each talk will have 30 minutes for the speaker to present and 10 minutes of Q&A. The format will be the same as our seminars and you can find its description here.


1:00-1:40 pm EST

1:40-2:20 pm EST

2:20-2:30 pm EST – Coffee Break

2:30-3:10 pm EST

3:10-3:20 pm EST – Coffee Break

3:20-4:00 pm EST

4:00-4:40 pm EST