Seminars 2023

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<strong><strong><strong><strong>Or Shachar (NY Fed)</strong></strong></strong></strong>
Or Shachar (NY Fed)

Measuring Corporate Bond Market Dislocation” with Nina Boyarchenko, Richard K. Crump, and Anna Kovner

<strong><strong><strong>Selman Erol (Carnegie Mellon</strong>)</strong></strong>
Selman Erol (Carnegie Mellon)

Regulating Clearing in Networks” with Pablo D’Erasmo and Guillermo Ordoñez

<strong><strong>Andres Drenik (UT Austin)</strong></strong>
Andres Drenik (UT Austin)

A Theory of Non-Coasean Labor Markets” with Andres Blanco, Christian Moser and Emilio Zaratiegui