Past Seminars

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Andrea Eisfeldt (UCLA)<br>September 21, 2020
Andrea Eisfeldt (UCLA)
September 21, 2020

OTC Intermediaries” (with Bernard Herskovic, Sriram Rajan, and Emil Siriwardane)

Giulia Brancaccio (Cornell)<br>August 24, 2020
Giulia Brancaccio (Cornell)
August 24, 2020

Search Frictions and Efficiency in Decentralized Transport Markets” (with Myrto Kalouptsidi, Theodore Papageorgiou, and Nicola Rosai)

Randall Wright (U of Wisconsin)<br>August 10, 2020
Randall Wright (U of Wisconsin)
August 10, 2020

“Frictional Capital Markets: A New Frontier” (with Wei Cui and Yu Zhu)

Guillaume Rocheteau (UC Irvine)<br>July 27
Guillaume Rocheteau (UC Irvine)
July 27

Gradual Bargaining in Decentralized Asset Markets” (with Tai-Wei Hu, Lucie Lebeau, and Youngwhan In)

Darrell Duffie (Stanford)<br>July 13, 2020
Darrell Duffie (Stanford)
July 13, 2020

Augmenting Markets with Mechanisms” (with Samuel Antill)

Burton Hollifield (CMU)<br>June 29, 2020
Burton Hollifield (CMU)
June 29, 2020

“Volume and Intermediation in Corporate Bond Markets” (with Artem Neklyudov and Chester Spatt) [Slides]

Ricardo Lagos (NYU)<br>June 1, 2020
Ricardo Lagos (NYU)
June 1, 2020

The Limits of onetary Economics: On Money as a Latent Medium of Exchange” (with Shengxing Zhang)

Pierre-Olivier Weill (UCLA)<br>May 18, 2020
Pierre-Olivier Weill (UCLA)
May 18, 2020

“Inventory, Market Making, and Liquidity: Theory and Application to the Corporate Bond Market” (with Mahyar Kargar and Ben Lester)