Upcoming seminars

Registration through Zoom will be open two weeks before the seminar. 

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June 29, 2020<br>12pm EST<br>Burton Hollifield (CMU)
June 29, 2020
12pm EST
Burton Hollifield (CMU)

Presenting “TBA”

Zoom registration

July 13, 2020<br>12pm EST<br>Darrell Duffie (Stanford)
July 13, 2020
12pm EST
Darrell Duffie (Stanford)
July 27, 2020<br>12pm EST<br>Guillaume Rocheteau (UC Irvine)
July 27, 2020
12pm EST
Guillaume Rocheteau (UC Irvine)
August 10, 2020<br>12pm EST<br>Randall Wright (Wisconsin)
August 10, 2020
12pm EST
Randall Wright (Wisconsin)
September 21, 2020<br>12pm EST<br>Andrea Eisfeldt (UCLA)
September 21, 2020
12pm EST
Andrea Eisfeldt (UCLA)
October 5, 2020<br>12pm EST<br>Benjamin Lester (Philadelphia Fed)
October 5, 2020
12pm EST
Benjamin Lester (Philadelphia Fed)